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Services We Offer 

Professional Networking

Working with small & large business to negotiate or manage contracts or tenders. Promoting change within local council & government.

Health & Wellbeing

A personalised service focussing on understanding stress & anxiety. Helping to make lifestyle improvements. Planning your health & nutrition.

Community Services

Knowing & dealing with problems at home. Help for the vulnerable. Peer-based leadership.

Planning & Innovation

Strategic planning for building your future. Promoting positive change.

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Have you ever stopped for a moment to listen to your inner voice? At Gnostic Consultancy we choose to honour ours everyday and it's for this reason alone we can offer you the most unique & effective strategies to achieve the outcomes you have always strived for. Whatever the challenge you present we will provide a solution that no other business alike can offer. With simple principles in place we can achieve whatever result you imagine possible.

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There is a spiritual element to Gnostic Consultancy, I am one of the most highly attuned and powerful psychic mediums in the world. With the use of extra sensory perception, this barely acknowledged but extremely effective communication method, which we all possess, I can gain access to a  level of business ideas like no other and promote a solution to yours on the highest possible channels. Always achieving outstanding results in a timely manner.


Our business is based on the principles of active learning. Every conversation is a business opportunity, every life experience is an opportunity to learn. Education is a continuous process and we choose to promote this message wherever our journey takes us. With acknowledgment comes change.

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Including an ever-expanding professional network Gnostic Consultancy is able to facilitate and oversee whatever business plan or lifestyle improvements you wish to achieve. Throughout every layer of society we have the ability to positively connect and implement change.


No matter what issue you face, Gnostic Consultancy will create a solution that is balanced and designed as a collection of processes, combined to create a system which allows the successful completion and delivery of a particular package, as prescribed by the boundaries or measures put in place within that packages guidelines. You specify the guidelines and we will deliver every time.

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For more information on me, click here, or to book a consultation don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. The best way to achieve success.

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